Brief history & description of the Monument, inscriptions etc

Delhi is a historical city where a continuous series of heritage sites, from ancient era to modern times, is found. According to the historical records and traditions, it is believed that Delhi has been inhabited seven times, four out of these seven settlements (1. Dhillika and Dihli 2. Siri 3. Tughlakabad and 4. Jahanpanah ) fall under the geographical jurisdiction of South Delhi Municipal Corporation while fifth and sixth settlements of Ferozabad and Shahjahanabad, respectively, partially fall under the jurisdiction of South Delhi Municipal Corporation.

The Heritage Conservation Cell highlights its 475 heritage sites and the details of historic structures whether in good condition or in ruins, including breif description, photgraphs, period of contruction , architectural style, how to reach and nearest metro station with the present status.

To maintain our precious heritage, we must fillip to conserve our sites and entail more and more people who feel and connect in globalising our Delhi as a Heritage City